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About the Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series (UMSS)

(2009-2018 and going strong)

The Upper Midwest Sprint Car Series (UMSS) is a value-based racing organization for the participants, race tracks, and race fans. Based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, the popularity of UMSS is gaining momentum by establishing reasonable rules for the participants, an economical purse structure for the race tracks, and an affordable race ticket and fan-friendly program for the race fans.

Participants: Sprint car owner/drivers choosing to build a car based on the UMSS spec motor program can build a competitive car for under $15,000. A tire rule and a strict teching philosophy will ensure an even level of competition. In addition, travel expenses are minimized, with the majority of the race programs within 150 miles of the Twin Cities.

Divisions: The winged sprint car division was the initial UMSS class of cars back in 2009. In 2011, the UMSS added the Traditional Sprint Car Series non-winged sprints. In 2012, the 600cc Micro Sprints were added as the third UMSS division and ran under UMSS sanctioning through the 2016 season. Rules and additional information for each of the two divisions of sprint cars can be found here on our website under the Series Info heading by clicking on the Rules/Forms link.

Race Tracks: The UMSS has developed a purse structure that is sustainable for race tracks. The purse structure will allow track operators to maintain their weekly front gate admission price or raise it only slightly. This will ensure that the integrity of the race track's weekly attendance will be maintained while adding the sprint car fan and participant when the UMSS is included in the program.

Payout (UMSS Winged Sprints)

  • 1. $800
  • 2. $500
  • 3. $450
  • 4. $400
  • 5. $325
  • 6. $275
  • 7. $225
  • 8-20. $200
  • Purse $5,575
  • $100 tow money for cars not making the A Main
  • Purses at several events are higher than the regular purse indicated above.

Race Fans: The UMSS will entertain race fans with our brand of wild-looking race cars and very fast, and sometimes very volatile, racing action at a value-based price. Race fans will appreciate the addition of the UMSS program at the night's traditional cost or a slightly higher ticket price.

From 2009-2017, the UMSS winged sprint car division ran a different kind of race program format. In addition to the heat races, the winged sprints typically ran a couple of Challenge Races. In 2018, the UMSS winged sprint division will run heats, a dash and a feature event. On occasion, special events may utilize a different race format. The Traditional sprints will run their usual heat races and feature race format with an occasional dash night thrown in.

The UMSS has a niche in the Upper Midwest for an affordable sprint car series that will attract participants, allow race tracks to put on a special night of racing with something different, and entertain race fans with edge-of-your-seat action. For more information, call Ron Bernhagen @ 612-363-5302.

Previous UMSS Champions:
2009: Leigh Thomas
2010: Cody Hahn
2011: Jerry Richert, Jr.
2012: Jerry Richert, Jr.
2013: Chris Graf
2014: Jerry Richert, Jr.
2015: Ryan Bowers
2016: Ryan Bowers
2017: Chris Graf

Previous UMSS Rookie of the Year Awards:
2009: Cody Hahn
2010: Jared Goerges
2011: Chad Patterson & Anna Kouba
2012: James Broty
2013: Reed Allex
2014: Ryan Bowers
2015: Jake Lempelius
2016: Roger McVitty
2017: Chase Viebrock

Previous UMSS Sportsmanship Award Winners:
2009: Greg Gunderson
2010: Kevin Nickel
2011: Jack Clark
2012: Jeff Pellersels
2013: Mark Daniels
2014: Jim & Reed Allex
2015: Chad Patterson
2016: Jori Hughes
2017: Caley Emerson

Previous TSCS Champions:
2011: Kevin Bradwell
2012: Rob Caho, Jr.
2013: Rob Caho, Jr.
2014: Cam Schafer
2015: Rob Caho, Jr.
2016: Rick Kobs
2017: Mike Mueller

Previous TSCS Rookie of the Year Awards:
2012: Denny Stordahl
2013: Mike Mueller
2014: Chase Viebrock
2015: James Giossi
2016: Ty Sampair
2017: Brad Peterson

Previous Micro Sprint Division Champions:
2012: Ty Sampair
2013: Ty Sampair
2014: Jack Berger
2015: Jack Berger
2016: Jeremy Kasik

UMSS Career Feature Wins (2009-2017):
Brooke Tatnell 33
Jerry Richert, Jr. 19
Chris Graf 16
Ryan Bowers 11
Lee Grosz 10
Scotty Thiel 8
Tony Norem 7
Brad Barickman 6
Cody Hahn 4
Justin Henderson 4
Thomas Kennedy 4
Kaley Gharst 3
Andy Jones 3
Derrik Lusk 3
Scott Winters 3
Sye Anderson 2
Scott Broty 2
Jack Dover 2
Davey Heskin 2
Lou Kennedy, Jr. 2
Bill Balog 2
Brandon Allen 1
Dave Becker 1
Bill Johnson 1
Rick Kobs 1
Jimmy Kouba 1
Rob Kubli 1
Calvin Landis 1
Chris Martin 1
Carson McCarl 1
Wade Nygaard 1
Jamey Ogston 1
Skylar Prochaska 1

TSCS Career Feature Wins (2011-2017):
Rob Caho, Jr. 27
Johnny Parsons III 18
Cam Schafer 12
Jimmy Kouba 11
Kevin Bradwell 10
Mike Mueller 10
Rick Kobs 9
Jeremy Kerzman 9
Chase Viebrock 7
James Giossi 7
Jake Kouba 5
Tom Kamrath 3
Joseph Kouba 3
Jeff Pellersels 3
Katrina Sautbine 2
Brian VanMeveren 2
Scott Brandt 2
Jalen Morris 1
Todd Lehr 1
Anna Hippe 1
Brad Peterson 1
Doug Schenck 1

Micro Sprint Career Feature Wins (2012-2015):
1. Ty Sampair (11)
Greg Gunderson (11)
2. Jeremy Kasik (6)
3. Tony Duran (5)
4. Jack Berger (4)
5. Val Urman (3)
6. Collin Olson (2)
Bryan Patrick (2)
7. Eight drivers tied with (1) each

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